A social media phenomenon – The game of Pokemon go LVL 50 account


Pokemon Go is an augmented reality or AR-based game introduced in 2016. It is unique because it uses the GPS location of the device (iOS or Android) to find, capture, coach, and battle in a war of virtual characters – the Pokemon. Though the game received appreciation for the concept, some issues related to technology were inevitable. Nonetheless, it proved to be the most profitable and used mobile app in the world year it came out. Players forget everything to play and reach the pokemon go lvl 50 account. So, here are the reasons why it is popular.

  1. Out of the box concept

The app combines various new-age technologies such as AR, geolocation, etc. However, it is not the only reason. The combination of tech and concept makes sense and brings the game to life. The GPS enables the player to see where they are. The AR allows them to interact with the virtual creatures and other game elements.

Further, Pokemon is nostalgic because it was once of the most popular cartoons on TV. It brings back happy childhood memories, contributing to the desirability.

  1. Game with a brand

Some people believe that it was the first product from its developers. However, some games with similar features came out before Pokemon Go. They were based primarily on GPS only. However, Pokemon Go has a brand associated with it. The Pokemon concept has been a critical element for kids grown up enough to own devices and play games by 2016—the concept of exploring and digging up secrets and surprises and cooperating with others.

Although one doesn’t need a multinational or colossal brand, the primary need is a perfect combination of tech and concept to create something memorable and addictive.

  1. Targeting the right demographics

As mentioned earlier, the kids who watched Pokemon in their childhood are now in their 20s or 30s. Further, this age group has the highest number of smartphone users, providing a vast consumer base. Further, the early adults love looking back on their childhood days. The game can be a perfect nudge for the same.

The marketing team at Pokemon Go understood the assignment and used nostalgia as a central emotion in all their campaigns. On top of that, the game rolled out for download on the 20th anniversary of Pokemon in Japan. So, the game spread like an infection from these demographics to kids, and now middle-aged people enjoy it.

  1. Using the right tech

The concept has had several games launched. However, the predecessors of Pokemon Go could not do good in the market. It is because these were handheld games that were not available to all. Pokemon Go is available on all iOS and Android devices. These are more practical, convenient, and readily available in all budget segments. It means the game is available to millions of potential players.

Further, the game puts the basic features of a smartphone to use. Almost everyone knows how to turn on the GPS and take pictures of their phone. So, these two features and clever gameplay can take one to a pokemon go lvl 50 account.

  1. Addictive

If someone says they are addicted to Pokemon Go, they are not alone. The Freemium model also pushes more people to play. It means the game is free to play. However, it also has optional premium versions one can access via in-app purchases. The game, hence, earns money from the prolonged use and premium elements purchases. One may feel that people would not buy these. However, with the addictive nature and concept of the game, earning money has not been difficult.

So, these reasons make Pokemon Go a cultural reset or a phenomenon that took the youngsters by storm.

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