Enhance your business by enhancing the site 


Mostly everything is available online now. If you want to know about something just type the word in the search engine you will be getting thousands of data related to that. The internet facility has reached every nook and corner of the world. Shopping becomes easier with e-marketing sites. The customers no need to visit the shops or malls physically. They can view the products from sitting at their home and spend some time to learn about the product before buying it. 

Many are researching before going to a showroom or mall and asking for the particular product with the mentioned features. There is no way for the shopkeepers to sell a product just by convincing the customers. 

Once the customers have changed to this level, what should be the level of the product sellers or the marketers? Now their target is to market their products in such a way that it attracts customers. Most all the firms are having their websites to showcase their valuables to the common people. These common people are the ones becoming customers when they start to buy a particular product. 

The first and foremost duty of marketers is to enhance their websites. It is not enough that a website has been designed once. Periodically the site should advance and the new products are displayed. It should be user-friendly too.

There is a separate team working for this called the web analytics team. This web analytics is the process that involves the collection, processing, and analysis of website data that involves the number of visitors, the site’s traffic and which is the most wanted item or the searched item in the site, etc. All these will be done with Shinystatwhich is the one that performs web analytics.

Why do web analytics?

Web analytics will tell us with the number of visitors has been to the site in the given time frame, where the visitors are from? What are they looking for? The duration they spent on the site. This analysis helps the firm to identify which activity is producing the most profit. 

Web analytics also helps to identify the bounce rate of the traffic. Bounce rate is that one who has left the site without proceeding further. Now it is the company’s responsibility to identify the cause and rectify that. If a person is visiting the site and not performing any activity indicates that the person came with the particular expectation but that was not satisfied. So the appropriate keywords to be used and the site to be designed from the customer point of view.

Web analytics helps to find the right target audience. Only the accurate target group will improve the market profit. Even for the marketing campaigns, the right audience to be known. There is no use in explaining about the toothbrush to the one who has already lost his entire tooth.

Even the company’s problem with the website and web services is only brought to the notice by web analytics. There is always the requirement that the right content is displayed at the right time on the webpage. Tracking the site for the mobile version is also becomes an essential thing as most of them are finding mobile as handy. Even people who do know to use computers are very good at handling mobile phones.

These web analytics can be done efficiently by Shinystat. Added to this shinystat, is also providing discount codes or coupons for the branded products. You can explore the coupon in the shinystat and start buying the favorite product at the lowest price. The coupons can be used only once, so be cautious before using the coupon on a particular product.

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