Get Effective Ideas to Visit Major Places and Spend 2 Days in the Athens


Athens is one of the important cities, filled with several attractions and places to visit. Obsessively, it is impossible to visit and experience it within 2 days. Anyway, this guide must-see places in Athens in 2 days. If you plan to visit during the summer, you must have a bottle of water with a pack and sunglasses.

 Day 1:

 At first, you suggested visiting the striking acropolis, which is ENE of the famous complex situated on the rocky hill. It is home to various sticking ancient Greek moments, including the Parthenon, the erection and the grand temples of Athena Nike. This district never has different designs from the upper city and might have to force the locals. You might move the locals and visit and recommended to have early to avoid the crowds of traveller. It is one of the make the weekend in the fascinating the chaotic city.

 Acropolis is the place to strike ancient Greek monuments and majestic Parthenon and large propylaea and erection and preserved temple of the Athena Nike. When you explore all these and sight and have a simple walk down to the side of the outcrop to find out the theatre of Dionysus erected in the city century. You can enjoy the 17,000 spectators satisfactorily. even you can visit some of local  a market where you can merely buy daily needs at the best price in the market.

 Day 2:

Greece is packed with picturesque places to find, and you want to spend a few days in this place. Here is one of the suitable options to spend the Athens in 2 days. Suppose you arrived in the afternoon and departed on the following day evening. Then you can plan to visit the city and check out the opening time of different sights.

 On the second day, you have to stop at the Hellenic parliament, which is located in syntagma square, and find out the guard in front of the Greek parliament at 11 am. It is one of the famous places to take Paneisitmiou Street. Still, you have Omonia square. Then you can move to the National Archaeological Museum, which is the next place to spend time in the Athen. On the exit of the museum, you can visit the metro or by taxi to visit the temple of Olympian Zeus. Then you can continue viewing the other place of the Leoforos vasilissic Olgas still it get into the Stadium of the Panathenaic. Here the audio tour is one of the most interesting and loved by everyone.

 Next, you have to plan and visit the National Garden, one of the right places to rest and stop your budget stress of Athens. Then you have to exit with the northeast and find out Syntagma Square, one of the more exciting places to visit in this city. Finally, your flight is ready to take you to the native place. Hence, you can visit the Athens itinerary in 2 days, have more fun, and enjoy yourself forever with family and friends.

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