Perks Of Being An Amazon Product tester


If you were asked to calculate the total amount of money you’ve spent shopping on Amazon, or on the new products that launch in the market place of Amazon. The answer would probably shock you yourself. Online shopping is one of the main exodnsiture in people’s lives, and there is no better place than Amazon to online shop. But what if someone was to tell you that there is a way, you can get a plethora of Amazon products for free, and sometimes, Amazon would even pay you in exchange of receiving these products? Shocking right? At first, it may sound completely untrue. However, this too good to be true dream is a reality for many. People who work as an amazon produkttester (Amazon product tester), are really living out the dream. Let us understand in detail what does their job exactly comprise of?

Who are product testers and why are they living out every online shopper’s dream?

Like the name suggests product testers are the people who get an exclusive chance to test out products before they are released on Amazon. You might ask yourself why cannot Amazon simply release products and then rely on customer reviews? Why does Amazon have to pay people for the same? The answer is very simple. It all comes down to reputation. Amazon does not wish to host a product that would prove to be faulty at a large scale. A defective and a dissatisfactory product would cause a taint on the product maker’s reputation however, the general statement shall be that the product was bought off of Amazon. Hence, in the public eye, Amazon shall become responsible for the product. Amazon works hard to keep it’s spotless reputation intact and offers features like one day delivery, easy returns as well as refund policies to it’s premium customers. All these efforts would go in vain if the products that these facilities promote, are faulty in themselves. This is why Amazon hires people who are sent these products. They are made to test the product function in their day to day life, for a specific period of time and then give their honest reviews. It is these reviews only that determine whether a product hits the shelves of Amazon or not.

How to become a product tester?

You might think that product testers merely receive some mundane products to test and that they waste a hung chunk of their time, doing so, in exchange for nothing. However, the reality would shock you. A majority of the times that product testers are sent products, they prove to be ingenious creations and extremely helpful ones. Since a product tester gets to keep the product after it’s approval or denial, they consider it a win win situation. Many people who have worked as product testers have claimed that they have gotten thousands of dollars worth of free products, out of which some have completely changed their lives. Not only this, but in many cases these product testers recive some form of monetary compensation as well in exchange of devoting their time to test out a product.

Becoming an Amazon product tester is fairly easy. You do not have to be in possession of multiple degrees or even be an expert in the field of the product. Even the most simple common man can become an Amazon product tester. There are multiple websites available out there that allow people to sign up and become testers for their products. Not only this but if you are an influencer or a content creator that has a following on the target audience of Amazon, then also the company sends you it’s various products to test and review.

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