Wheels for a 16-Inch Bike


In the same way that there are two different wheel sizes known as “20 inches,” there are two distinct wheel sizes referred to as “16 inches.” Between both the two sizes of tires, there is no cross-compatibility. Learn all about 16inch wheels in this article.

This is the smaller and far less popular of the two wheels. Tires that are a little broader are common. This size is challenging to get rims and tires for. There are fewer tire selections available.

The more regular 16-inch wheel size is 349 mm. Bromptons and other 16-inch folding bikes utilize this size. They are a little narrower than the tires that suit 359mm rims. They are designed for road use. This size’s rims and tires are more readily available.

There are 305mm and 349mm rims, both of which are referred to be 16′′ since the diameter of their tires is about 16 inches. The 349mm wheel is the topic of this instruction.

Pros and Cons of a 16-Inch

Due to the lower tire width, 16-inch folding bikes may fold down much more compactly than their 20-inch counterparts, making them easier to transport. A 20-inch foldable bike is twice the size of a 16-inch folding bike. As a result, transporting & storing the bike is a breeze. It’s small enough to fit under many desks and in most vehicles. Even in a tiny backpack, you can stow the bike.

Because of the bike’s modest size, it’s easier to carry it with you while you’re on the go. It doesn’t matter where motorcycles are not allowed. For example, Brompton may be packed in an Argos Dimpa or Brompton bag. These bags are about 25′′ x 25′′ x 8′′ in size (65cm x 65cm x 22cm). The luggage is so compact that no one would guess you’re transporting a bicycle. A basic piece of baggage is all it seems to be. However, a 20-inch folding bike is huge enough to garner notice, no matter how it is packaged.

• 16-inch wheels are more durable than 20-inch wheels because they are smaller and have shorter spokes. As a result, they are more structurally sound. Because of their compact size, the small wheels can carry larger weights without breaking spokes, cracks, or twisting under stress.

• 16-inch foldable bikes are often lighter than 20-inch folding bikes by around 5 pounds. Due to lower dimensions, less material is required for the rims, tires, and frames. It’s best to go for a 16-inch foldable bike if you intend on folding and carrying it often.

It’s easier to maneuver because of the smaller 16″ wheels, which provide you near-instantaneous control. Navigating a city’s congested streets is made more accessible by this. Potholes and other roadblocks are no match for your reflexes. It’s also relatively simple to ride around people and other vehicles.

Traveling with a bag less than 62 square inches in length is possible. This need is readily met by 16-inch foldable bikes, which have plenty of space to spare. They’re so compact when collapsed that you’ll be able to transport them on your bike with your tools and other necessities.

Smaller wheels have much less mass, resulting in faster acceleration. This makes it easier to spin them out in a short period. Stop and go cycling may benefit from this. Once you’ve come to a halt at an intersection, you may immediately resume driving at a high rate of speed. Folding bikes with a frame size of 16 inches or less are thus excellent for city usage.

This means that a 16′′ folding bike will have a lower effective gear ratio since the wheel circumference is more petite. Climbing steep slopes become easier with lower gears.

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