Why You should buy followers?


Instagram is a social media that is currently supporting the livelihoods of millions of people who work as influencers and content creators on the screen as well as their team who works behind the screen with them. The entire marketing industry of Instagram is built on followers and that is why, budding influencers and brand pages are quick to buy followers. The followers that they purchase are usually known as fake followers and are often bot accounts. The fake follower industry relies on it’s spontaneity.  One contacts a particular account that claims to sells followers, they make the payment that is demanded and they instantly get the number of followers that they paid for. The entire process to follower kaufen (buy followers) seems pretty easy and cheap. However, in the long term it is one of those actions that is sure to do more harm than good.

What are some of the hidden costs of buying followers?

At a first glance the act of buying followers may seem extremely cheap. One simply pays a couple of bucks and can get hundreds or thousands of followers. In fact many of the pages that sell fake followers also offer custom plans for people to choose from. The price they pay, depends on the number of followers they buy. There are other plans such as a fraction of followers also commenting on the posts of the buyer, how real each and every follower account looks, and how much they are willing to pay. The sellers of these accounts also often have easy payment plans. While all these offers may seem very lucrative for anyone who feels like their growth has become extremely stagnant on a platform like Instagram. However, there are nothing but downsides to the process of buying followers. While it might be very lucrative to see your follower count instantly jump to thousands, but in the long run anyone and everyone who buys followers regrets it.

What are some downsides of buying followers

 First and foremost if you are an influencer who wishes to grow their social media handle, and get brand then buying fake followers, can be the worst possible idea. Brands thoroughly investigate before they collaborate with any influencer. Not only this brands but chances are very high, that Instagram will detect your account and flag it. If Instagram confirms that your account has witnessed growth in a fake manner, then there is a very high possibility that Instagram would not only flag but also deactivate your account. Depending on the severity, you email address might be permanently flagged and never be allowed to sign up for an Instagram account again or it might be temporarily flagged and restricted.

Out there if you are looking for a provider to sell you Instagram followers, then you are someone who is truly spoilt for choice. There are millions of providers out there who sell, fake followers. One does not have to even search hard to get a hold of one of these providers. A simple google on search kn how to buy followers, would give you the results you desire. Since there are so many providers who sell fake followers out there, the price of followers us also cheap. One can get thousands of followers for a couple of dollars. All these factors many seem extremely lucrative and may even make you question as to why you should wait for organic growth if you can get your desired count in a matter of seconds, at the cost of almost nothing, but st the end of the day, buying followers is an extremely risky task and one that is advised to be avoided.

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